Artist Jeffrey Palladini was born in the Chicago area, and grew up in Southern
California.  He studied Art at California State University, Long Beach, where he explored
a wide variety of media, eventually gravitating toward drawing and painting.  It
wasn't until his studies in Florence, Italy in 1989 that he began to form a consistent
creative voice.  The ubiquitous beauty of art in everyday life in Italy had a profound
effect on the young artist, and he began to experiment with combining the found
objects and classical figurative imagery he found everywhere around him.  From that
time, Palladini has considered canvas simply too passive, and has continued to
employ wood almost exclusively as the ground for his paintings.  

In 1991, Palladini relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where he lives and works
along with his wife and daughter.  He continues to develop his unique vocabulary of
dramatic imagery.

Palladini has exhibited his work around the U.S. and the world for over twenty-five years.  
His work is included in numerous private and corporate collections.  Most recently,
Palladini was honored with an SFMOMA SECA Award nomination, and was named
one of San Francisco's Top 20 Artists.  He is currently represented by Poet and/the Bench in
the San Francisco Bay Area and Elisa Contemporary Art in New York.  He is also represented
in TelAviv, Israel by Corridor Contemporary and Tribes Fine Art Gallery, Galleria Javier Roman
in Malaga, Spain, and internationally by Artered Gallery.